Artist's Statement

Angela Shope - Painting Porcelain Ceramics.Painting and making functional porcelain ceramics are interconnected for me. A painting is not meant to be held, nor does it have a traditional functional use. Yet, painting remains my first love. Transferring painterly ideas onto functional ceramic forms for one to use and hold throughout every day life has its own history. It enriches and celebrates life just like many paintings do.

Utilizing uninhibited shapes, energetic colors, and sensitive lines to express ideas presents me with endless possibilities. Often, the abstract nature of the pieces ceases to strive towards perfectionism and instead delights in the act of spontaneity. As I invent images, initial ideas evolve and unpremeditated impulses naturally occur. Patches of complimentary, monochromatic or analogous colors and simple patterns create balance and tension. Colors push and pull each other swelling and pouring through delicate boundaries into adjoining color fields.

My inspiration is gathered from many sources as each new series of painting and or ceramic vessels are created. Whimsical impressions and characters often seen in Japanese and Egyptian Art as well as in fashion andAngela Shope - Functional Potterynature continue to be a source of inspiration. Approaching art with a childlike sense of wonder encourages me to appreciate and explore life with all of its hidden knowledge, undiscovered treasures and unknown wisdom.

Another repeated theme present in my continually evolving series of pieces explores fertility, focusing on future dreams and beauty yet to be seen. Spirituality is referenced in many of these pieces using floral designs and the “Mandala”(a square composition with a circle inside.) The Mandala has traditionally been used throughout history as a visual form of meditation in all major spiritual practices and religions.

Working with different mediums simultaneously presents many challenges, yet provides sweet satisfaction as inspirations and new thoughts emerge. My images and forms are invented with the intention to evoke visual emotion, inspire intimate moments and give the viewer the ability to touch and hold ideas. I hope to invite the viewer to think beautiful thoughts and see them smile!